A Journey in Reverse Direction

A Journey in Reverse Direction 2013~2019

These Photo was taken in my hometown Dongshan Island, an island located in the south of Zhangzhou, Fujian Province. Inevitable urban development gives people amnesia. They often forget what existed here before. I can only follow its pace, with my camera to “fight” with these changes in my hometown. My hometown has influenced me and shaped me since I was born. At the beginning of this book, I was dressed in a clothes from grandparents which is found in my grandmother’s room. The effect seems to be a mutual process between my hometown and myself. What I have seen is what it wish I could see. Shooting hometown seems like a journey in reverse direction, leading me to the vague memories in dark and the bottom of my heart.

In my work, I use Bachimen(the bridge to the island) , home, Food, Land, God, sea as the clue to reconstruct my hometown and put these fragments that I collected from my hometown into a book which can be read or showed. In this form, these spaces, people and objects can condense on the paper. Through the covering and unfolding these pages, it starts to reveal the meaning of my hometown to me.This handmade book represents a guide book of my hometown. It’s a section of all our hometowns which drifting away in the urban developing. It will give us a chance to stop and touch our hometown ,reflect on what is the meaning of home at the same time.

负向的旅程 2013~2019

照片拍摄于我的故乡东山岛,一座位于福 建漳州南端的岛屿。现代化的城市发展常 让离乡人患上失忆症,使人忘记这里曾經 存在过什么。我只能追赶着它的脚步,用 图象来「对抗」这些让人措手不及的变化。 故乡从我出生起就在影响、塑造着我。就 如同書的開始,我身著的是在阿嬤房間中 尋找到的一件來自祖輩的衣服。故鄉和我 就這樣互相作用著。我所看到的,也许正 是它(故鄉)所希望我能看到的。拍摄故乡, 仿佛是走上一条通往幽暗的记忆与我们原 初内心的负向的旅程。

在作品中,我以「八尺門」「家」「食物、 土地、神」「海」作为我重构故乡的线索, 将这些收集到的故乡记忆与现实的碎片组 合成一本可以翻阅也可以被展示的书。 通 过这样的形式,仿佛能将这些空间、人、 物件凝结在这些纸张上,并借由一层层地 覆盖、展开,揭露出故乡之于我的意义。 作品以手工书还原一个我对于故乡图鉴的 再现。它将作为在城市化进程中已渐行渐 远的故乡的截面,提供一个可供我们停顿 下来触碰的故乡,以及我们每一个人应该 去反思何为家乡的含义。

A Journey in Reverse Direction -Self Portrait , 自拍肖像 2013